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HIIT Ab Workout

This HIIT Ab workout will tone your abs, build your core and burn fat. Not only does HIIT burn fat, but it can work the core and strengthen it. This workout really targets your abs and includes cardio to burn off the fat that hides the abs. HIIT Ab Workout Abs are built in the

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Tabata Workout

Tabata Training The Tabata workout is only four minutes long.  And it’s one brutal way to get a dream body by exercising 12 minutes a week. No……that isn’t a mistype. 12 minutes… Tabata workouts are the single most effective type of hiit…it’s also the most intense by far…….I’m talking nausea, giddiness, sucking air like you

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HIIT for Beginners

HIIT For Beginners The HIIT for beginners workout will lose you at least 20lbs of excess fat. It doesnt matter where you are now. You will get fit. You will see the effects of this in less than 4 weeks and it will be the easiest HIIT workout you have ever tried. But before we

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