HIIT Workouts For Weight Loss


Hi, I’m Greg. I’ve been coaching people how to use HIIT for as long as I can remember.

I’m in the process of doing research for a HIIT tool that I’m creating specifically for people like us.

I would like to ask you 4 quick questions. Shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes of your time.

I’ve actually trained well over 6000 people, helping some lose over 100lbs, but most of them lost between 20lbs and 30lbs using just HIIT.

I’m going to share the exact workout that got these results

But before I tell you about that, I was hoping to ask you a few quick questions – as I have noticed that most of the people that I talk with want to lose weight for a variety of reasons.

In return for answering the questions below, I would also be happy to share with you some resources that I’ve found in my research so far.

I have come across a few resources that I’ve been able to tweak slightly to really work well for me. (Which means it’ll work for you too.)

Anyway. Here are the quick questions…