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What is an IntervalMP3

  • An IntervalMP3 is music constructed into the shape of a workout
  • We add a personal trainer to give you instruction and count out your sets
  • When you are exercising, the music pumps
  • When you are resting, the music is resting

How Does An IntervalMP3 Improve My Workout?

They can improve a workout in four ways.

  1. Dissociation - This music distracts you from being tired and so you work harder
  2. Flow - The music improves your focus on just the exercise
  3. Synchonized Movements - You will match the specific beat in the mp3, and so doing work harder.
  4. Enjoyment - You will find you enjoy your workouts a lot more.

How do you use an IntervalMP3

Its very easy.

  • When you purchase you will be given a download link.
  • Download the file and add it to your phone or MP3 player.
  • When you are ready to exercise, hit play and the mp3 will guide you through your workout.

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